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I follow quite a few blogs and really should make an effort to keep up with them on a daily basis, like I used to. In the days before Twitter and Facebook I would update my blog on an almost daily basis* and would check other people’s blogs with the same frequency. These days, it’s a struggle to keep my mind on one thing for more than two minutes so I keep forgetting that there’s a bunch of interesting, informative and downright funny people out there that I really ought to be keeping up with. Contrary to popular belief, I can actually read.

Today I’ve had a little flurry of blog action and it made me feel good and also bad, so this post was inspired by the realisation of what I do and don’t like in a blog. I tried out a number of new sites that were mentioned by someone I enjoy reading, and are on a similar subject, but they just didn’t grab me. If a blog looks and feels messy, clunky or too corporate, I can overlook that if the content grabs me. You know, if the personality of the person posting really comes across. Sadly, in three cases this morning, I wasn’t ‘grabbed’ and so they haven’t made the list. However, some people go a little too far for my tastes and get rather too personal. I love anonymous sex bloggers and enjoy the way they feel free to post about relationships, feelings and encounters without fear of being judged or found out. I love the discussion of situations I’ve found myself in and details I perhaps couldn’t talk to anyone else about at the time. I love the descriptions of preparing for dates and the (inevitable?) sex, but what I really don’t like is the details of the acts themselves. If I want porn I can get that elsewhere, besides, I enjoy it more when someone I know is telling me that sort of thing. Seems odd to complain about the sex in a sex blog, eh? Well, I’m not complaining, just working out what I like and dislike. That one goes on the ‘no’ list.

I like blog posts that are almost detailed short stories – glimpses into someone’s life and head. I like wit and humour. I like friendliness, fun and photos. Basically, I like a lot of things that my own blog doesn’t have! I think I need to work harder to find some direction of my own as it seems that’s what I’m craving.

* The archives are now deleted so you can’t prove me wrong. Hah!

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  1. The great thing about blogs is the little peek it affords into peoples' lives, living a different – and sometimes more interesting – life to your own. Some would call it voyeurism 🙂

    Now I need to get off my sofa and do something worth blogging about… although I've got two “mini” anecdotes in the pipeline. Just gotta get round to it *sigh*

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