Happy Monday

Yesterday, I bought a pair of Vivienne Westwood trousers for 3. How did I manage it? Two words – clothing exchange. I’ve been popping to Bang Bang on Goodge Street in my lunch times for a while now, and finally got round to sorting out some of my unworn items to see if they’d like to buy them off me. You get more for your garments if you accept store credit so I started an account because I figured that one day, a woman the same size as me with a fab designer and/or vinatge wardrobe would drop some stuff off that I’d like. The chances of me getting to it before anyone else are slim, but the thrill of the rummage is good so I held out hope. After handing over a velvet Monsoon jacket that I bought in the sale and wore twice, a gorgeous Topshop wrap dress that I’ve had for years but suited the blonde-me better, and a vintage leather bag and gloves that I bought years ago but never used, I’d managed to rack up 47 on my card so thought it was time for a quick look round.

I’d been looking at some Tara Starlet trousers and wishing they made them in a size 14, so imagine my surprise when I found some high-waist wide-legged trews with sailor-style buttons on the hips nestling on one of the racks in Bang Bang. Having been a fan of Vivienne Westwood since my early teens, I was thrilled that these charcoal grey wool trousers had her signature orb buttons. As someone who hardly ever finds trousers that fit (too tight on the hips, too baggy on the waist, too long in the leg), I could hardly contain my excitement when I discovered that this item was labelled size 14s! Not only were they a perfect fit but the price was less than the Tara Starlet trousers, and a mere 3 over the value of my credit. WIN!

I know that fashion isn’t the be-all and end-all of everything, but a find like that certainly does perk up a dull grey Monday. Well, that and a spot of yarn shopping after work with pixeldiva. Just wait until you see what she’s knitting for me this time…

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