Inspiration: Rankin

I’ve been pondering something in the last few days. I wonder how many people have been inspired by the Rankin Live exhibition to take more photos, improve their studio skills, or even just to pick up a camera for the first time? I always find photography exhibitions both fascinating and inspiring, but Rankin’s retrospective and live shoot combination really has been something else entirely. Being able to watch such a talented and influential professional photographer at work, and having the chance to be in front of his camera as he presses the shutter release, is such an amazing and rare opportunity and I’m sure thousands of people are, like me, incredibly grateful that Rankin came up with and executed such an ambitious idea. Seeing what camera, lenses, lights and reflectors he uses, how he directs his models and how he interacts with everyone around him gives us an insight into how he produces such stunning images.

If you haven’t seen the exhibition (or even if you have) and can get to the Old Truman Brewary before 18th September, you really should go.

Image via Them.

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