Busy, busy, busy

Things have become rather crazy in Lori-land lately. For some reason my evenings and weekends have been booked up and so I’m having to do a lot of planning ahead, hoping that my friends don’t think I’m just putting them off and making excuses. I tried to sum it all up in a message to someone earlier today:

Am planning a burlesque show with Cicci and some girls we met on our course. Have also been to see Muse live in Devon, been photographed by Rankin twice, had a style consultation, two more photoshoots, leaving drinks for a friend going back to Oz, several good meals and have visited a hell of a lot of museums/galleries/exhibitions!

I almost forgot my sister and dad’s birthdays too. Thanks to the power of the internet, all is not lost in these cases and gifts have been purchased. Can’t believe my little sis is now 29 years old. Doesn’t time fly?

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