Can we start again please?

Today started badly. After very little sleep for no apparent reason (the weather?), my alarm went off and then I promptly fell asleep. Woke up in a daze and did the necessary, but skipped breakfast in order to have a hope of catching my train… which I then missed by no more than two minutes. Six minutes later, whilst sat on a slower train that requires an additional change in my journey, I realised that it’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow and I haven’t sorted out a gift or a card. Things didn’t get much better once I got to work so I asked Twitter if anyone out there was having a good day as, personally, I’d like to exchange today for another Sunday. Or store credit.

Already, I’d seen tweets from @loveheartrose who reckoned she “must have had stupid for breakfast”, @clairenelson who was having internet problems, @girlonetrack who had also slept badly, @CupCate who’d been having a rather bad day at work and @megpickard who was trying to stay calm after losing a morning’s writing. On asking who else was having a bad day I had six replies from various people just as excited about ‘fake Monday’ as I am (i.e. not at all). Of course, I’m only telling you about this so that you know I haven’t forgotten my blog exists. Going to spend the rest of the day hoping that tomorrow will be considerably better.

Image via murdelta‘s Flickr photostream.

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