Rankin Live!

Back in April, I emailed Rankin Live in the hope of being included in the exhibition. I wanted to find out if the people in the example shots on the website were very glamorous looking because Rankin’s magic lens made them that way, or if they really did all look like they belonged in a Sunday supplement.

I don’t know if capturing each person’s “distinctive style, sense of British eccentricity and enthusiasm” is part of Rankin’s project, or simply a selection criteria to ensure he got 1,000 interesting people who will make his, admittedly very interesting, task a lot easier. I wasn’t chosen so I couldn’t find out first hand, but was excited to see an article on the Rankin Live process pop up on the BBC news website. Sadly, with no ‘ordinary’ photo of Caroline Briggs to compare Rankin’s to, I am still none the wiser.

UPDATE: I’ve received an email inviting me along for a photoshoot on 18th August! Stay tuned for further news.

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