Still waiting…

Twenty days ago I blogged about waiting for photos, taken on good old fashioned film. I now have the prints and have sorted out the ones I want to scan, but still haven’t got round to doing it because the magic smoke escaped from the Windows machine which has the scanner connected to it. Why didn’t I just spend a few extra pounds and get CDs? Ah well. They’ll get done at some point this year but, in the meantime, you’ll just have to make do with this rather pleasant LC-A shot taken at Stratford tube station. Which reminds me… if you haven’t ever visited the London Transport Museum and have even a passing interest in that sort of thing, you really ought to check it out. I went last week and it was really rather good. I even got to pretend to drive a Jubilee Line train. A weekend simulation, I’m guessing, as we didn’t actually go anywhere.

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