Shortlist and Stylist

One of the things I’ve grown to love about commuting is being given an interesting magazine totally free every Thursday, by a smiley guy outside Goodge Street tube station. Shortlist is apparently a men’s magazine, but I have always found much more in it to amuse and educate me than inside the majority of women’s titles I’ve ever had the misfortune to pay cash for. OK, so have hardly any interest in sport but the cars, gadgets, architecture, many many lists, Danny Wallace and even the men’s fashion have drawn me in every week.

Now they’ve announced that the team behind Shortlist are going to launch a women’s title, called Stylist, and it looks like it might also be rather good. No celebrity gossip, relationship blah and paparazzi shots? Now this I’ve got to see! Will review it later in the year, once I’ve got my hands on a copy.

Image via Mike Fleming‘s Flickr photostream.

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