Easily annoyed

A colleague has done something today that has really annoyed me for no apparent reason. It’s a small thing that shouldn’t matter to anyone else at all, but I am practically grinding my teeth it’s irritated me so much. Inexplicably and pointlessly seething with rage though I am, I’ve got nothing on the idiots who are busily adding their comments to an article over at the Guardian’s website.

As I type this, there are 121 comments on Bobbie Johnson’s visit to Twitter HQ and most of them appear to be from people who think Twitter is “crap” and “pointless” and who think The Guardian should shut up about it. I was stunned by this as, well, if you don’t like something on the internet, in many cases it’s easy enough to simply avoid it. Why spend some of your valuable time even reading an article on Twitter if you hate it so much, let alone comment on it? I could go on but I think that sevitzdotcom‘s comment says it best, ending with…

I find value in Twitter, I use it.
I enjoy the Guardian, I read it.
I don’t enjoy golf, i don’t play it.

See how easy it is … just make choices that suit you. Or you could rant on about how crap something you don’t use is. You could do that too. You could rant on about how “who would care about the inane rantings of people” … oh yeah right … that would be a bit hypocritical wouldn’t it.

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