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And so, on to the 2004 archives! In January I was thrilled at the start of the new breakfast time Chris Moyles show on Radio One, as it freed me from a Sara Cox induced radio hell. I also asked my readers (yes, I had some back then!) to come up some quotes for me to use on my ‘about’ page off the back of a review I received. I’ve no idea which I chose in the end, as that page was binned off years ago, but the end of the post and the best of the subsequent comments on my 11th January 2004 entry looked something like this (with updated links, where I can find them)…

“So, this is where you guys come in. I want some quotes from you about either me or my site, like the sort they put on movie posters. Be bitchy, witty, truthful or creative… anything! Perhaps something along the lines of “Even better than XFM!” – Adrian Sevitz, “Could do with more swearing.” – Lyle or “Almost the best blog on my server.” – Topper. You get the general idea. The best ones will be used on this site as another dodgy ‘about’ page for me and some shameless promotion for you.”

  • “The site too lazy to write it’s own content so she’s getting us to come up with it…” Posted by: Gordon
  • “I’ve been to the pub with her a few times. She’s really nice.” Posted by: nayf
  • “More entertaining than bamboo skewers under the fingertips” Posted by: Lyle
  • “Ten times tastier than a packet of wine gums” Posted by: jane
  • “A lot like XFM, but without the music or jokes or adverts. She has buttons though.” Posted by: Adrian
  • “The blog version of how to make friends and influence people.” Posted by: Adrian
  • “Like metafilter, but not really” Posted by: sarah
  • “An even better read than The Sun” Posted by: zed
  • “Like belle de jour, but for free. And without the sex.” Posted by: Adrian
  • “I have to pay. Mentally, though; not in cash.” Posted by: Topper
  • “The undraped photos were hard to find.” Posted by: lump
  • “Don’t look at the polaroids” Posted by: Chris
  • “The video is better than the polariods anyway …” Posted by: Adrian

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