On buying my Lomo LC-A…

Thought I’d rummage through my Movable Type blog archives, before I bin it all, and dig out any interesting snippets from my past that are worth keeping. Here’s a rather important post from 4th May 2003…

Recently I had to travel to my company’s head office to deliver some training and decided to drive rather than take the train. This decision was made mainly because trains suck and my last experience on one was so bad that I arrived 2.5 hours later than planned. I also figured that I could factor in a visit to the parents as well if I went in the car, and I also wouldn’t have to spend my journey listening to other people’s brats/mobile phone conversations.

A happy Lori then became an ecstatic Lori when I found out the going rate for mileage. Of course, the inflated amount is to cover wear-and-tear on your vehicle but, rather than save it for my next service as would be wise, I decided to spend it on a camera. Not just any camera though, a Lomo LC-A, which I’ve wanted for a while now. I’m quite excited really, even though I have no idea how long it will take to get here. I’ve always been more of a snapshot gal than a serious photographer so here’s a way that even my snapshots can look funky!

UPDATE: For the shots I’ve taken since then, check out my Flickr photostream. And here’s a post from 2010 about my photographic journey.

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