Meeting people off of the internet

From the archives: On Saturday 20th September 2003, as I was preparing to attend the first (as far as I know) Manchester lomomeet, I pondered the joys of meeting people you don’t know off of the internet…

“It was then suggested, by someone who shall remain nameless, that these people may not be as entertaining in person as they are online. Could it be true? Is there a chance that Scaryduck is simply an ordinary boring husband and father to Mrs Scary and the scary ducklings? Could Green Fairy in fact be a dear sweet young woman who would never want to upset anyone by speaking out of term? Surely the razorhead isn’t actually a long-haired ugly straight guy with nothing of interest to say? And I’ll eat my hat if Lyle actually likes United Utilities. I think it’s all lies.”

The comments thread then played host to the beginnings of the first (as far as I know) Manchester blogmeet. Turns out Lyle and Sevitz are damn fine company, survived meeting me, and are still blogging. Who’d have thought it?

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