Dress Size: Time for a rethink?

A few years ago, after a yearning for knee-high boots had gone unsatisfied for many seasons, I discovered that well-known high street store Evans sold boots that I could actually zip up. As the style I chose were made from leather, they were not cheap, so I caved in and opened a store card to get a discount. The card has not been used since but it does mean that I am on their mailing list, with many enticing offers popping into my inbox only to be promptly deleted. After all, I may need the store for certain styles of footwear, but I’m not exactly in the market for plus-size clothing.

Or so I thought. Today, for some unknown reason, I opened the email instead of deleting it and discovered, to my horror, that Evans sells sizes 14-32. When did they start selling size 14 and, more importantly, when did it become considered a ‘plus’ size? To you this may seem unimportant as surely all girls want the joy of being able to select the smallest size off the rail in a shop, but to me this is terrible news. You see, I always told myself that I’d stop eating quite so many biscuits and cakes once I fitted into Evans’ clothing. There was no need to cut back on pies while I remained a 12/14, but tipping over to a 16 would be my signal to cut back on fatty foods… however, now it would seem I *can* fit into Evans’ trousers and skirts without going up a size at all! It would appear that I now need to revise either my eating habits, as promised, or my criteria for revising my eating habits.

UPDATE: It’s been over 4 years since I wrote this post. I’m now firmly in the size 14/16 size bracket and, do you know what? I don’t really care. Past-me worried about some very silly things.

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