Buttercups, ponies and wine

At the weekend, I spent some time with my younger sister who lives in a rather pretty part of Berkshire. On Saturday morning, we headed out with our cameras to a nearby field which contained mostly buttercups and white Shetland ponies. Combined with the lovely blue sky, this was perfect photographic fodder! As we headed home, we spotted that the local wine estate was offering free tastings as part of English Wine Week, so we popped across the road to Stanlake Park to check out their shop. Ended up pottering round the walled garden with our cameras (we especially liked the fancy iron gates that kept us out of the main vineyard!), relaxing with a drink, taking a tour of the winery and then having a full tasting of all their wines. Was a lovely location and rather nice wine too, so we felt like we were on holiday somewhere far more exotic than Twyford! I ended up buying a red and white that had, earlier that day, been selected by the manager of the Hilton in Reading for a banquet of local produce, plus some rather light bubbly and a whitecurrant liqueur – am thinking cocktails with the final two. However, wikipedia says that blackcurrent liqueur and sparkling wine is a Kir Pétillant, but there is no name for one made with whitecurrant liqueur. Any ideas?

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