A fresh start

Although I bought my domain on 12th July 2001, I didn’t start blogging right away. 19th March 2003 was the date of my first Movable Type post and therefore the ‘official’ birth of my blog. After many years of ranting and rambling about all kinds of subjects, I moved house to a more exciting city where I gradually became rather too busy to blog and also, like most of the online world, became quite engrossed in Facebook. As my ‘spare’ time online became somewhat limited, this resulted in an unintentional year out in 2008 but I thought I could resurrect the blog in 2009. Sadly, it looks like I just can’t remember to update anything other than Twitter these days though, so I figured the time has come to move on.

My aim is to simply add notes/links and photos to this site when I feel the urge, eventually switching from Blogspot to my own domain (thus ditching the Movable Type blog archives forever – how daring!), and then making it pretty somehow. It’ll be like spring cleaning my online life. Hmm… while I’m at it, perhaps I should delete all the accounts I have on websites I no longer use. Now, what was that password again?

UPDATE: Reading this post again, years later, I’m amazed that there was a time when I’d lost my blogging mojo. Kind of entertaining that the first post on my new site was to be one that sounded like it was the beginning of the end.

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